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I am a man who knows your business.

As a writer and editor for trade publications ranging from SpaRetailer and Water Garden News to Coffee & Cuisine and Building Supply Home Center, I know what trade readers want and I know where to get it. They want stories about the latest innovations, the hottest trends and the laws that will have an impact on the bottom line. And they want the information presented in interesting and entertaining stories filled with telling details and concrete examples of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why the publisher of SpaRetailer turned to me to cover a hastily called meeting of the Hot Tub Council and write a story explaining what impact the decisions made during the gathering would have on spa dealers.

That’s why Water Garden News sent me to a kibbutz in Israel to tell the tale of a small company that had overcome a potentially disastrous disease affecting its fish and became one of the top koi exporters outside Japan.

And it’s also why Coffee & Cuisine hired me as its Associate Editor to write how-to articles, pen chef profiles and answer reader questions when the magazine expanded its target audience to include white tablecloth restaurants.

Now I want to help you help your readers

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