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Memoirs of an Itinerant Idiot

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Welcome to "Fresh American Bananas: Memoirs of an Itinerant Idiot," the humorous coming-of-age-through-travel-tale of a man who thought he was too old to come of age.

My name is David Volk, I am that man and I’d like to take you on a very silly trip around the world that started out as a last hurrah before an expected marriage and ended in singlehood. It’s the story of a race against time to find myself, my family and my history all while trying to make it back in time for my sister’s wedding two continents and thousands of miles away. It may sound serious, but the results are anything but as I found myself getting caught in a shakedown over a bagful of free cosmetics, being chased by prostitutes who thought I was a virgin and waking up an entire Indonesian Village when I got a piece of mystery meat stuck in my esophagus and thought I was going to die....for 10 hours.

Although the plan was to follow the trip in real time by posting a new chapter on the anniversary of the day the events occurred, I’m running a bit behind. As you’ll soon discover, this is typical. I left Seattle on Jan. 4, 1996 and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand Jan. 6. As I write this, it’s already Jan. 12, but have no fear, we’ll get caught up as quickly as we can, then start a regular posting schedule. If you don’t want to miss a minute of the action, sign up for my free subscriber list and I’ll automatically notify you once a new chapter is online.

You’ll have to keep on your toes, though, as I'll remove an old chapter for every new one I post. Of course, you could always just print out the .pdfs so that you can enjoy reading them anywhere including a bus, an airplane or even the smallest room in your house.

So, sit back, relax and prepare yourself for one of the goofiest trips you’ve ever been on. And feel free to let me know what you think along the way.  



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